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For Marine veteran Jake Harriman, defeating the enemy also meant fighting for critically vulnerable communities. See how he's defeating unbeatable odds with his nonprofit, Nuru International.

After fighting valiantly for our country as a Marine Force Recon Platoon Commander, Jake Harriman turned his efforts towards defeating the same kinds of problems he saw around the world during combat. Namely, abject poverty.

“Poverty is not just about an economic challenge. Extreme poverty is a condition where families cannot make meaningful choices to determine their own future.”

-  Jake Harriman

Now the Founder and CEO of Nuru International, Jake works to not only raise awareness of poverty in the developed world, but helps people living in remote rural communities around the globe develop self-sufficiency. By doing so, Jake is leading the fight against the same enemies his fellow Marines are fighting on battlefields, but in new way: ensuring vulnerable populations have hope in the face of violent extremist groups looking to recruit them.

Jake Harriman's story is a testament to the commitment so many Marines continue to show to our Nation's common moral cause long after their military service.

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Marines are trained to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle in whatever situation they are needed. We are first to fight and determined to succeed.

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"Once a Marine, always a Marine." Whether you serve for four years or for 20, those in the USMC proudly wear the title ‘Marine’ for life.